Want to give telling people off and blowing a whistle loudly a go? Or just want to understand the game better? We have numerous opportunities to try it out and get some guidance. From modcrosse to full field (men and women) - there's no shortage. Men can also ref women's and vice versa.

First step for field is to sit the online tests:

Level 1&2 Men's Field Lacrosse 

Level 3&4 Men's Field Lacrosse

Women's Field Lacrosse

The above links will take you to the exam of your choosing. Men's lacrosse officials should start with the Level 1&2 exam. There is currently no time limit on these exams, the pass mark for the Level 1&2 is 60%, for the others it is 80%. It is also meant to be an open-book learning experience.

You then get to shadow a ref on field before giving it a go on your own. 

For modcrosse, you don't need to sit a test but just learn some basic rules and can give it a go at any session.

Opportunities coming up are:

  • UNSW Modcrosse Sessions - Saturday's from August
  • SCEGGS modcrosse tournament 12th September
  • SCEGGS modcrosse assessment days 20th and 22nd September
  • East Cup - quarter/half or even full game
  • ALA U15 Nationals 1st-7th October

Some are these are paid opportunities so you get to earn some moolah too.

Check out this video for more on why officiating is awesome:

If you're interested email Caroline: