NSW Lacrosse History

Lacrosse was introduced into New South Wales (NSW) on 19 July 1883 after a meeting of gentlemen at Ramford’s Cambridge Club Hotel led to the formation of the Sydney Lacrosse Club.

The Manly Daily records the local lacrosse club as having won their season in 1930. Other early lacrosse clubs included Burwood District, Balmain, Camden, Granville, Marrickville, Mohican, Mosman, Newtown, North Sydney, Petersham, Stanmore, St Stephen’s Institute, University, Waverly and Wentworth. Lacrosse games were played on the Sydney Cricket ground in the 1930s; a NSW state team existed during this same period.  

The sport was sufficiently strong for a visiting Canadian team from Vancouver to tour Sydney in 1934. Lacrosse was also played at Glebe prior to World War II. Lacrosse in Sydney in the early period included an A and B division and competition was held for the Lassetter’s Cup.
A Broken Hill Lacrosse Association existed in 1909, this included a YMCA Lacrosse Club.