The 2018 ALA Senior Nationals Tournament was held from 7-12 June at Wembley Lacrosse Club in WA. The East Coast was proud to send a women's team for the third year in a row, and a men's team for a second consecutive year. With massive improvements in results and competition for the women, two East Coast player being named to the Tournament Allstar team and consistent and perseverant performances from our men, the 2018 Tournament was a massive success for the East Coast All Stars.

Thursday 7 June 2018
Game 1 vs WA

East Coast Men
The first game of the tournament showed the difficulties of having squad members living in different capital cities and not being able to train together. The squad performed admirable but were still getting used to playing together. We were able to score twice but WA were relentless and ran over us in the second half to take the game 31-2.

East Coast Women
The Allstars played their strongest team defence of the tournament in the tournament opener against eventual champions, Western Australia, For a game where WA absolutely dominated possession the defensive team led by Bec Putna, Savannah Jane Duncan, Danielle Schaffer, and Katelin Organ stepped up and played together to shut down many scoring opportunities. The end result was 20-3, with two goals from Annabel Williams, and one from Clare Stewart-Hunter with well deserved MVP honours going to the cornerstone of our defence, Bec Putna.

Friday 8 June
Game 2 vs SA

East Coast Men
The defence were standing tall in this game. They played well under the continued attacking play of SA. The forward structure that we played in this game didn’t work and we also had problems with our transition play. The squad never gave up and fought hard to the end. SA took the game 19-0.

East Coast Women
This was the game that NSW Women we were waiting for, but unfortunately we came out flat for our second game against a less experienced, but hungrier President's Team. Missing the cohesion on team D, losing the draw and 50/50 balls, and forcing errors in transition meant that we never fully controlled the pace or possession. The end score was 17-8, with most goals coming from assists. Emma Agnew notched 3 and earned MVP honours, Clare Stewart-Hunter and Melie Pemberton scored two a piece.

Saturday 9 June
Game 3 vs VIC

East Coast Men
Taking on the favourites the squad took to the field with a nothing to lose attitude. Our keeper was outstanding and was well backed by our defensive line who threw everything at Victoria. Out transition play and a new forward structure worked well in this game. It was great to see our younger and newer players step and take on the best in the country. As the game progressed the fight and “never give up” attitude of the squad won over the Perth crowd. The cheering and support for us was fantastic. Victoria won 23-2 but the team had played an awesome game.

East Coast Women
Victoria was always going to be a tough match, they are consistently strong and relentless. Our women came out determined to improve on our result from last year and we certainly did that. We kept Vic to 24 goals while netting 5 ourselves with 3 goals and an assist from MVP Melie Pemberton, a goal and an assist from Abigail "Fuego" Sands, and 1 goal from Annabel Williams. Melie led the team by example in hustle, poise and finesse.

Sunday 10 June
3rd Place Finals

East Coast Men
This game would be the battle for third place. The team came out confident that we could improve on our first game against SA. Everyone contributed in the first half and we headed into the break down 2-7. In the second half we took it up to the South Australians and played our best half of lacrosse for the tournament. We held SA to 6 goals whilst scoring 5 goals ourselves. Final score SA 13 - East Coast 7. A fantastic improvement on game 2.

East Coast Women
With a 100% chance of wind and rain we started our warmup, keen on a rematch from two days earlier. We started the match, cold, wet, and a bit flat and it took us two quarters to find our pacing and start playing like the team we knew we could be all tournament. The final result was 19-8, but that was in no way a reflection of how well we played or how many shot opportunities we had. 4 goals came from Emma Agnew, 2 from Britt Faulkner and 1 from Annabel Williams, who fully deserved her MVP honours. Most goals were assisted, and most shots were on cage against a very talented and promising keeper.

Nationals Wrap

East Coast Men
From my perspective as coach I knew this tournament was about development. It was to improve our younger and newer players and give them more experience in big games and to further develop their game. The squad improved tremendously over the tournament and improved on 2017 results.

Thank you for the opportunity to be able to coach East Coast at the Nationals. So proud of the
performance, improvement and fighting spirit of the team!
- Paul Young

East Coast Women
The coaching combination of Lynton, Omar, and Britt are so incredibly proud of Annabel Williams and Melie Pemberton for making the tournament Allstar team. The honours are so well-deserved and reflective of the time, energy, effort, and commitment put in my teams and players on the East Coast (and especially Annabel and Melie) in developing the game to a competitive standard. 

I fully believe that we will only continue to improve on our results as we gain more and more confidence in our national game. We know our competitive weakness lies with our lack of full-field, regular, intense competition, and we will be making adjustments in the off-season to come back stronger and better than ever in 2019.
- Coach Keet