Official Caroline McLuckie breaks down what the 2018 rule changes means for the Wombettes.

All players must wear a intra-oral mouthguard which covers upper teeth. It can be of any visible colour other than colourless or white and must not have graphics of white teeth.

Start/Restart Game
At draw, 3 players from each team between centre lines (i.e. 1 at draw and 2 on circle). All other players must be below restraining line, including goalkeeper. Players may not cross restraining line until possession is determined by the umpires direction signal and verbal 'possession'. This means that on the whistle they still might not be able to cross if there is no clear possession i.e. ground ball.

Duration of Play
Senior and U18: 80 mins max - 4 quarters x 20 minutes
U15: 4 quarters x 15 minutes with 2 mins between 1+2 and 3+4 quarters. 6 min half time.

Restraining lines
You have to 3 behind (not incl goalie) i.e. in attack, have 6 attacking goal, in defense, have 7 defending goal.

Restraining line foul is a major foul. Nearest player on the offside team will stand 4 m behind player awarded the ball.

Self Start
For fouls outside the 15m fan only - the player awarded the ball, can self start without waiting for additional whistle once the offending player is either 4m to the side or behind. All other players must stand, and be 4m away. Self start takes places at spot of foul so ball and player awarded ball must move to the spot to restart, unless ball is already within a stick length. Once self-start happens, all other players may start. 

Self start not allowed when:

  • clock has stopped
  • Last 30 seconds of each half
  • Ball is out of bounds
  • Restraining line violations
  • Illegal draws
  • There is a 12 goal difference

Other ALA variations

  • Roster is 16 and maximum of 4 support staff
  • Ball must be yellow or white
  • When a player has accrued 6 penalty points she is suspended from the next match. If she accrues an additional 6 she will miss the 2nd match. Yellow card = 2 points, Yellow/Red = 4, Red = 8.