Tournament Report

23 – 24 September
EDSACC Oval, NSW – Central Coast Council Sportsfest 2017

This year’s East Coast Cup tournament was held in partnership with the inaugural Central Coast Council SportsFest. As one of many sports represented at SportsFest, we had the opportunity to showcase men’s and women’s lacrosse, played at the highest level in the Eastern States, to a local audience. This festival was targeted as a prelude to launching the grassroots development of Lacrosse in the Newcastle and Central Coast region from 2018. We would like extend our thanks to the Central Coast Council, and especially Karen Lightfoot, for inviting us to participate in SportsFest and for providing the support leading up to the event that led to a very successful and enjoyable weekend for our competitors and supporters.

The development of the East Coast Tournament over the past five years has been hugely encouraging. Originating as a men’s interstate tournament, it has expanded to include a very competitive women’s tournament in the past two years with a strong culture of long term player development taken by both States. This year the more experienced NSW contingent were better prepared for the hot, dry conditions and managed to wear down their opponents to record convincing wins over both days.  The newer members from all teams showed great discipline, determination and heart throughout the weekend, giving us confidence in the future of the sport in our States. Over the coming months, our State Associations will be meeting regularly to identify a long-term vision and a set a strategy that will best serve our members to develop as athletes and prepare them for participation at the highest levels in Australia.

We would like to thank our interstate officials; Tammy Varga, Amy Basile and Alan Frost. Without their contribution, along with locals Adrian Burns, Natasha Meyer, Caroline McLuckie and Peter Lee, this tournament would not have been possible. The East Coast Tournament has enabled the development of our own officials in the Eastern States in recent years and we would like to congratulate Tyler Nolf (NSW) for earning his stripes as an umpire under the mentorship of Tammy and Caroline.   

We acknowledge all of the competitors for the spirit in which they played the sport this weekend; they were a credit to their coaches, managers and States. Thank you to all of the people who supported our participation clinics for local youth and in particular Britt Faulkner and Kelsey Sutcliffe for taking the time to plan the interactive games. We were able to showcase the best aspects of lacrosse to our hosts and spectators placing us in the best position to grow the sport in the region.  The alternate players for NSW women must be credited for their grace and sportsmanship in supporting the Queensland team; ensuring a competitive women’s event.

Finally, we are very grateful for the long hours, many emails and hours of stress endured by Juliet Austin, in organising the tournament and coordinating the participants from both States. Without her efforts, this event truly could not have taken place.  

We all look forward to 2018 and the next stage in developing our sport in the Eastern States!

Omar Al-Khayat
New South Wales Lacrosse Inc.



Tammy Varga, Amy Basile, Caroline McLuckie, Tyler Nolf


Adrian Burns, Alan Frost, Natasha Meyer, Peter Lee



Game 1: NSW 14 def QLD 4

MVP: Emma Agnew (NSW) & Cheryl Hasler (QLD)

Game 2: NSW 10 def QLD 3

MVP: Anastasia Hunt (NSW) & Maile Jones (QLD)



Game 1: NSW 10 def QLD 1

MVP: Omar Al-Khayat (NSW) & Keisuke Sakurada (QLD)

Game 2: NSW 7 def QLD 5

MVP: Tom Little (NSW) and Liam Hackett (QLD)


Bruce Rosewarne East Coast Tournament Trophy

New South Wales (4 – 0)