On Sunday July 30 the New South Wales Wombettes hosted three matches against current U.S. collegiate players. With the addition of 10 experienced newcomers to the club, it was the first time that many of the team had played together and we were excited for the challenge of playing three back-to-back games with so many new faces. 

We started off the first game strong, with an awesome goal from Melie Pemberton about two minutes into the match. Pemberton was our rock on attack and scored the only three goals for the NSW side, but the 3-15 score wasn't an accurate reflection of the first game's possession. The strong combination of Emma Agnew, Melie Pembeton, and Bec Putna on attack lead to some impressive offensive possession and midfield transitions. Jo Kennedy stepped it up in cage and stopped many of the opposition's attempts on goal.

The second match was always going to be the toughest. The defense team was led by Tess Clancy in goal, with Jess Jones, Jaclyn Lehrer, and Kelly Matarazzi playing strong man-to-man low defense on the field. We managed to hold the competition to only 14 goals, while notching in 7 goals ourselves from 7 different players. A solid result from the strongest team we would face all day.

The last game was the closest by far and we stepped on the field hungry for a win. We managed to equalize the score to 4-4 at halftime. With the sun quickly setting, and our legs tiring, the opposition managed to squeak in just one more goal than the Wombettes, closing out the day's game play with a very near win and a result of 8-9.

We had 8 goal scorers on the day (most of the goals coming from assisted passes) which included some seriously awesome shots from Melie Pemberton, Emma Agnew, Britt Faulkner, Bec Putna, Charlotte Clulow, Risa Sakikubo, Pippa Bergqvist, and Erica Ackerstierna. 

NSW Lacrosse is very proud of the effort and intensity put in by everyone who played. We played with heart and poise for three full games against young teams in peak condition. We are very encouraged by the addition of these new teammates and are excited to bring an even more experienced team to represent New South Wales in the 6th Annual East Coast Cup in September. Hopefully this turnout represents the growth of the game in NSW, and that we can use this momentum to keep recruiting more and more experienced and new players!

Many thanks to Caroline McLuckie for coordinating absolutely everything, and objectively umpiring alongside Juls Austin, and to our coach Omar Al-Khayat for his game knowledge, insights, and enthusiasm!