NSW Lacrosse is very proud to announce the first ever lacrosse initiative between University of New South Wales and New South Wales Lacrosse. NSW Lacrosse members and UNSW students alike are invited to play, coach, and help out at the two lacrosse sessions per week at the UNSW Village Green. Every Monday is a free Learn-to-play training session from 5-7 and every Thursday is a Social Modcrosse league 4-6 until June 5th 2017. 

If you are interested in joining the Modcrosse social sport league (commences March 23rd, Thursdays 4-6pm), you still have to sign up via Arc Sport, price will be $50 - still a bargain for 10 weeks of Modcrosse on an awesome oval (UNSW Village Green) right next to a student's pub with competitive prices for beverages after the games.

The sign up form asks you for student details, like student ID and which faculty you are in. Just put in "nswlacrosse" or select anything you want.

For more information please refer to the UNSW Social Sport Webpage.

See you there!