A fantastic season of social lacrosse came to a fitting grand finale on Saturday 9 December with a four team round-robin modcrosse tournament. The four teams were the underwear rocking Fresh White Y Fronts captained by expats Louis and Caroline, who drew inspiration from the movie Braveheart in the opening ceremony with an interpretive dance to lead their troops into battle. 

Next we had the Full Okka Quokkas an Aussie cohort led by Juls and Jack. Their war cry "Aussie Aussie Aussie Oy Oy Oy" could be heard echoing throughout the campus. 

There was Team YAAAAS, with the rainbow warriors showing support for the historic yes vote for marriage equality. 

Best for last - The Mad Ferrets, were a strong (and fun) team whose neon and fake fur ensembles both intimated and confused opponents. The team was lead by Lina and Dan and the furries showed up ready to play and party. 

The round robin play was intense with all four teams showcasing their skills, sportsmanship (kind of) and team spirit.

The Mad Ferrets took home the gold and highly coveted Fonz trophy for their excellent teamwork on attack and stellar saves from Tim in cage. 


The day also honored contributions and performance from outstanding team members with the annual Best and Fairest awards. The winners this year were Jared Neale for the men for his outbreak year, and seriously inspiring play at Nationals, East Coast Cup and Box Nationals and Ana Hunt for the women’s team after winning MVP at Nationals and Eastern States, her persistent positivity, her infectious smile and laugh, and her ability to unite the wombats in team-building shot-taking across Greater Sydney. Lastly, but certainly not leastly, 2017 Volunteer of the Year was presented to the very deserving Juls Austin for her valiant efforts organizing the annual East Coast Cup and Box Nationals pretty much entirely handily. 


2017 was a fantastic year for New South Wales Lacrosse and we look forward to growing the game and being even more competitive nationally in 2018. 

- Coach Keet