Congrats to the Mad Ferrets who took home the coveted Fonzi trophy in the 27th annual Slacker's cups this past weekend. Now that our competitiveness has cooled, it's officially time for our final lax event of the year! 

With the help of the Australian Lacrosse Association and Quick Stix we are hosting an instructor training course (TOTALLY FREE) from 2-3.30 this Saturday 16 December. Following the course we will have our Christmas breakup BBQ and welcome our esteemed president back from the southern state. So come along to the course and enjoy some food and drinks with your lax pals after as we farewell a very successful year for NSW Lacrosse. If for some crazy reason you don't want to attend the course and just come for the food and drinks after we won't hold it against you....much.

Juls Austin
Secretary, Hug-lover, and 2017 NSW Lacrosse Volunteer of the Year