The New South Wales Men's Indoor Lacrosse Team... after a long day of tough competition.

The New South Wales Men's Indoor Lacrosse Team... after a long day of tough competition.

17 – 18 November
Max Arena, Smeaton Grange NSW

For the first time ever NSW Lacrosse was given the right to host the 2017 Men’s Indoor Lacrosse Championships after previous years of it alternating between South Australia and Victoria. We were lucky enough to secure the Max Arena venue in Smeaton Grange which, being an inline hockey sized centre, was perfect for the tournament. With this venue being in regional Western Sydney, which is an area of development and growth for us, we were keen to get the local council as involved as possible. We were lucky enough to be given financial support from Camden Council in the form of a grant to host the event, this wouldn’t be possible without Caroline and Omar submitting the application.

Being given the opportunity by the ALA to host a National Event just goes to show how much of a presence we have created in Lacrosse in Australia again and how much we are growing as a state. Even from when I joined a little under three years ago I’ve seen the numbers of players and participation rates increase a lot and we can only go up from here.

Hosting and participating in national events puts our state on the map and when people know about you that’s when we start to improve our relationships with councils and other sporting associations which leads to more opportunities from ALA and from local councils. These relationships are critical to us to grow the sport and to showcase just how much we can do.

Now for those of you who have grand plans to organise a national tournament… DON’T… just
kidding, but it’s definitely not easy to organise three different states of people to turn up to the
same venue at the same time and have everything set up for them in time. Something I only
learnt recently and by recently I mean half way through the tournament is that you cannot
possibly do everything yourself and there is this thing called delegation… crazy, right? You can
actually ask other people to do things for you without feeling a sense of guilt or that you aren’t
doing a good enough job. So to the volunteers that helped me stay sane, you are all amazing and deserve all the kudos you can get:

Tim “If you have a questions about box lacrosse ask me” Koodrin
Caroline “The only person who can keep these boys in line” McLuckie
Julie “Can make a mean brownie” Szkudlapski
Tyler “The calmest person I know” Nolf
Jenny “Even calmer than Tyler” Yu
Laura “I took the day off work just for fun” Cooke
Savannah “Just the most adorable person ever” Jane Duncan
Omar “I can’t bring myself to write nice things about him but he’s okay” Al-Khayat
Andrew “Can do an Instagram takeover and tweet good things” Ryan

And the rest of the players who stayed around to pitch in all played their part in the tournament going well.

Now for the fun stuff…the games!

Unfortunately for our wombats they drew the short straw when it came to the fixture (I had
nothing to do with it) and were up first at 8 AM on Friday. Against last years winners in
Victoria they were up for a tough start and whilst the scoreline of 23 – 7 looks like a blowout the game was anything but. Dennis Juleff and Matt Taylor, two of our most experienced players,
both scoring 3 goals each and Shawn Rowan pitching in with 1. With a quick opening ceremony
and break our guys were up again in the second game against South Australia.

Whilst the South Australian team looked undermanned on paper with only 11 players they managed their players on the bench and shot out to a 6 – 0 lead after the first 15 minutes but piled on the penalties in the second quarter which meant the wombats had a few man-up opportunities and took advantage of them again with Matt, Dennis and Shawn scoring in the second quarter. Matt scoring the only goal in the third quarter and Andrew Patterson in his farewell game as a wombat (we miss you Patty) and Jared adding one each in the final quarter and our beloved Wombats wrapped up their tournament with a 6 – 24 result.

With the final game as the day and a preview of the grand final the next day and perhaps with
the South Australian feeling the fatigue of a second game in a row (our guys managed like
champs) the Victorian side won their match-up comprehensively 20 – 8.

Most would think that after a scoreline like that the Grand Final would be following in the same
direction… am I right? Very wrong we all were!

The South Australian team came out to play and play they did. Up 11-5 at half time they kept the Victorian side to just 3 goals in the second half while scoring 5 of their own and without a doubt the player of the match was the South Australian Goalie Dylan Nangle (if for some reason he reads this I’m sorry for constantly saying your surname wrong – totes soz).

- Juliet Austin
Secretary, New South Wales Lacrosse Inc.

Adrian Burns, Steve Green, Brendan Hall

Game 1: VIC 23 def NSW 7
MVP: Dennis Jullef (NSW) & James McKenzie (VIC)

Game 2: NSW 6 def by SA 24
MVP: Jared Neale (NSW) & Cam Semmler (SA)

Game 3: SA 8 def by VIC 20
MVP: Dylan Nangle (SA) & Pius Bonjui (VIC)

Grand Final: VIC 8 def by SA 16
MVP: Jai Arambatzis (VIC) & Dylan Nangle (SA)