2018 Nationals Information - East Coast All Stars

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We are looking for experienced and dedicated players, coaches, SUPPORT STAFF and officials to represent the East Coast All Stars lacrosse in interstate competition for 2018.


Nationals Tournament

The Senior Men's and Women's Nationals tournament is an annual event in which New South Wales and Queensland state teams combine to create the East Coast All Stars to play teams from Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria and often international guest teams. This year we are looking to send an experienced Men's and Women's team to Western Australia to represent the East Coast in very competitive play.



Tournament dates: Thursday 7th - Sunday 10th June

Will need to be there: Wed 6th night - Mon 11th for training and the ceremony on Sunday night.

Location: Wembley Lacrosse Club, Floreat Oval, Floreat WA


Register your expression of interest:

If you are interested in playing for the East Coast All Stars you MUST fill out the Expression of Interest form here before 11 March 2018. 


Nationals estimated costs: $510+flights ($635 including uniform and hoodie)


  • Tournament Entry
  • Training Weekend (field hire, lunch, water meals)
  • Onground transport in Perth
  • Accomodation in Perth
  • Coaches Accom and Uniforms
  • Share of tournament officials costs
  • Team equipment baggage (balls, first aid kit, water bottles)
  • Tshirt
  • Tournament Dinner
  • Uniform + Hoodie if required


Selection weekend:

Dates: 24/25 March (9am-4pm sat/9am - 1pm sun)

Location: Reservior Fields, Centennial Park, Sydney 

QLD players will get $200 repaid to them on flights

East Coast All Stars Team Announcement 27th March

NSW players: this will also be the selection weekend for East Cup team

Closing dates:

Coaches and Selectors: 14th Feb (selectors announced 18th feb, coaches 21st feb)

Players and Officials: 11th Mar (announced 27th March)


Requirements for players:

Fill out the 2018 Player Expression of Interest form.

2018 Registration required: go to www.nswlacrosse.org.au for NSW players. QLD players contact your local team about registration fees.

ASADA: Levels 1 and 2 must be completed and certificate sent to performance.nswlacrosse@gmail.com. If you have previously completed L1 then they only need to complete L2. Selectors, coaches, officials, players and managers must all complete this.

Deposit: $100 (invoice will be sent directly to those players who have submitted an Expression of interest). The deposit is only refundable if you're not selected for the team. And that the cost of the Selection Weekend is $60 (so if someone trysout and doesn't get selected, they technical get $40 returned to them)

ALA requirements: As at 1st January 2018, you were over the age of 16 and you must reside in New South Wales or Queensland for at least a continuous 5 months prior to 1st day of tournament (7th June)


Support staff information:

If you are interested in helping referee, umpire, manage, select teams, or coach please fill out our Support Staff Expression of Interest form.


Info for coaches:

Coaches will be provided with accommodation and uniforms at no cost. If flights to Sydney for Selection Weekend are required, these flights will be subsidised up to $150. Coaches are responsible for the cost of flights to the tournament in Perth. Coaches must be able to work on training plans together and with Omar for fitness that is suitable to the teams needs.


Info for selectors:

Selectors are not expected to come to Perth but will be required at the selection weekend. Flights to training weekend subsidised up to $150.


Info for officials:

Can be trainee officials which appropriate training will be given. Flights to Perth will be covered. Encouraged to attend U18s at end of March for further onfield training (again, flights covered). NSW officials are provided with a shirt, whistle, cards and flag on passing online course.

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2018 East Coast Cup

The East Coast Cup is an annual interstate battle between New South Wales and Queensland. This year Queensland is hosting. We're playing in May this year instead of September in order to start training for Nationals together

The East Coast Cup is an annual interstate battle between New South Wales and Queensland. This year Queensland is hosting. We're playing in May this year instead of September in order to start training for Nationals together

East Coast Cup 2018

Dates: Saturday 5 May and Sunday 6th May 2018
Location: University of Queensland, Brisbane, QLD

Expressions of Interest:
Expressions of Interest close 18th March. Please click here and fill out the Google form to be considered to play for New South Wales in this year's tournament.

Estimated $120 plus flights

Covering: Accomodation for 2 nights, team equipment baggage, tshirt, coaches accomodation, share of tournament running costs, sundries.

Payment 1: $50 due by 16th March
Payment 2: $40 due by 30th March
Payment 3: $30 due by 13th April

Invoices will be sent out within 2 weeks of submitting your EOI. Costs will be finalised prior to payment #3.

If you are not selected for the team you will be refunded all monies less any money outstanding for training sessions, or for wombat tshirts.

You will be provided with NSW state uniforms.

Personalised: if you want to buy your own uniforms you can! The following are costings if you would like to purchase your own 

Men’s shorts: $38.50
Men’s shirts: $49.50
Women’s skorts: $49.50
Women’s shirts: $49.50

We need to make sure that everyone has individual numbers – no 2 players can have the same so your preferred number will be checked on submitting your EOI. If not available we will be in touch. Your number will be YOURS for 2 years from when you register it with performance.nswlacrosse@gmail.com. Personalised numbers can only be from #30-99.

You are expected to organise your own flights.

This gives you flexibility to work around your schedule on the Friday and to choose flights that fit in with your budget.

Selection for the NSW state teams will take place 24-25th March as part of the national’s team selection. Team will be announced within the following week.

Field training takes place every Sunday from the 25th February 2018. Your attendance at the sessions will be noted towards selection.

NSW membership:
You must be a registered 2018 member with NSW Lacrosse to take part in any NSW Lacrosse training sessions or tournaments. You can register for membership through the website www.nswlacrosse.org.au and click register now in the upper left hand corner.

As part of qualification for state team you must have successfully passed the online ASADA Level 1 and Level 2 courses. Level 1 only needs to be taken once but Level 2 needs to be taken annually. To take these courses go to: https://elearning.asada.gov.au/ and email your certificate through to performance.nswlacrosse@gmail.com. Your certificates need to be submitted prior to the training weekend in March.

Questions should be emailed to performance.nswlacrosse@gmail.com

2018 Training, Playing, and Volunteering Opportunities


Training + Social Playing

Check out all these chances to train, play, socialize and work on your lax skillzzzz.

  • Social Modcrosse -  Saturdays starting 24 Feb
    from 10-12 at UNSW Village Green
  • Field Lacrosse - Sundays starting 25 Feb
    from 2-4 at Reservoir Fields, Centennial Park
  • UNSW Learn-to-play - Mondays starting 26 Feb
    from 5-7 at UNSW Village Green
  • UNSW Social Lacrosse League - Thursdays starting March 22
    from 4-6 at UNSW Village Green

Check out our calendar for a monthly view of all playing and training opportunities.

If you can't get enough UNSW Lacrosse action check out the website and follow the Facebook page for #allthingslax.



Itching to give back? Check out the following opportunities where you can help #growthegame.

1. UNSW O-Week

Would you like to pass on your lax wisdom to some millennials and get them excited about our precious sport?


O-Week starts 19th Feb (next week) and we need you eager lax folk to be our poster boys and girls at UNSW with the aim to talk to as many students as possible. Estimated number of students walking by during the week is 10,000!

If you can spare some time during the Mon-Thurs (especially Monday), enter your name here and Jonas from UNSW Lacrosse will be in touch.

2. Referees needed for SCEGGS Modcrosse

Paid Opportunity to Referee Modcrosse

SCEGGS school is looking for referees to watch over their modcrosse games in April. No refereeing experience required, just some lax IQ.

Location is Centennial Park, just off Anzac Parade and dates and times are as follows:

  • 4 APRIL: 10am-1pm
  • 10 APRIL: 1.30pm - 3pm
  • 11 APRIL: 11.30am - 1pm

Email Caroline if interested: performance.nswlacrosse@gmail.com. 

Women's Lacrosse Rule Changes


Official Caroline McLuckie breaks down what the 2018 rule changes means for the Wombettes.

All players must wear a intra-oral mouthguard which covers upper teeth. It can be of any visible colour other than colourless or white and must not have graphics of white teeth.

Start/Restart Game
At draw, 3 players from each team between centre lines (i.e. 1 at draw and 2 on circle). All other players must be below restraining line, including goalkeeper. Players may not cross restraining line until possession is determined by the umpires direction signal and verbal 'possession'. This means that on the whistle they still might not be able to cross if there is no clear possession i.e. ground ball.

Duration of Play
Senior and U18: 80 mins max - 4 quarters x 20 minutes
U15: 4 quarters x 15 minutes with 2 mins between 1+2 and 3+4 quarters. 6 min half time.

Restraining lines
You have to 3 behind (not incl goalie) i.e. in attack, have 6 attacking goal, in defense, have 7 defending goal.

Restraining line foul is a major foul. Nearest player on the offside team will stand 4 m behind player awarded the ball.

Self Start
For fouls outside the 15m fan only - the player awarded the ball, can self start without waiting for additional whistle once the offending player is either 4m to the side or behind. All other players must stand, and be 4m away. Self start takes places at spot of foul so ball and player awarded ball must move to the spot to restart, unless ball is already within a stick length. Once self-start happens, all other players may start. 

Self start not allowed when:

  • clock has stopped
  • Last 30 seconds of each half
  • Ball is out of bounds
  • Restraining line violations
  • Illegal draws
  • There is a 12 goal difference

Other ALA variations

  • Roster is 16 and maximum of 4 support staff
  • Ball must be yellow or white
  • When a player has accrued 6 penalty points she is suspended from the next match. If she accrues an additional 6 she will miss the 2nd match. Yellow card = 2 points, Yellow/Red = 4, Red = 8.

2017 Slacker's Cup and Awards


A fantastic season of social lacrosse came to a fitting grand finale on Saturday 9 December with a four team round-robin modcrosse tournament. The four teams were the underwear rocking Fresh White Y Fronts captained by expats Louis and Caroline, who drew inspiration from the movie Braveheart in the opening ceremony with an interpretive dance to lead their troops into battle. 

Next we had the Full Okka Quokkas an Aussie cohort led by Juls and Jack. Their war cry "Aussie Aussie Aussie Oy Oy Oy" could be heard echoing throughout the campus. 

There was Team YAAAAS, with the rainbow warriors showing support for the historic yes vote for marriage equality. 

Best for last - The Mad Ferrets, were a strong (and fun) team whose neon and fake fur ensembles both intimated and confused opponents. The team was lead by Lina and Dan and the furries showed up ready to play and party. 

The round robin play was intense with all four teams showcasing their skills, sportsmanship (kind of) and team spirit.

The Mad Ferrets took home the gold and highly coveted Fonz trophy for their excellent teamwork on attack and stellar saves from Tim in cage. 


The day also honored contributions and performance from outstanding team members with the annual Best and Fairest awards. The winners this year were Jared Neale for the men for his outbreak year, and seriously inspiring play at Nationals, East Coast Cup and Box Nationals and Ana Hunt for the women’s team after winning MVP at Nationals and Eastern States, her persistent positivity, her infectious smile and laugh, and her ability to unite the wombats in team-building shot-taking across Greater Sydney. Lastly, but certainly not leastly, 2017 Volunteer of the Year was presented to the very deserving Juls Austin for her valiant efforts organizing the annual East Coast Cup and Box Nationals pretty much entirely handily. 


2017 was a fantastic year for New South Wales Lacrosse and we look forward to growing the game and being even more competitive nationally in 2018. 

- Coach Keet

Quick Stix Training

Congrats to the Mad Ferrets who took home the coveted Fonzi trophy in the 27th annual Slacker's cups this past weekend. Now that our competitiveness has cooled, it's officially time for our final lax event of the year! 

With the help of the Australian Lacrosse Association and Quick Stix we are hosting an instructor training course (TOTALLY FREE) from 2-3.30 this Saturday 16 December. Following the course we will have our Christmas breakup BBQ and welcome our esteemed president back from the southern state. So come along to the course and enjoy some food and drinks with your lax pals after as we farewell a very successful year for NSW Lacrosse. If for some crazy reason you don't want to attend the course and just come for the food and drinks after we won't hold it against you....much.

Juls Austin
Secretary, Hug-lover, and 2017 NSW Lacrosse Volunteer of the Year

2017 Men's Indoor Lacrosse Championship

The New South Wales Men's Indoor Lacrosse Team... after a long day of tough competition.

The New South Wales Men's Indoor Lacrosse Team... after a long day of tough competition.

17 – 18 November
Max Arena, Smeaton Grange NSW

For the first time ever NSW Lacrosse was given the right to host the 2017 Men’s Indoor Lacrosse Championships after previous years of it alternating between South Australia and Victoria. We were lucky enough to secure the Max Arena venue in Smeaton Grange which, being an inline hockey sized centre, was perfect for the tournament. With this venue being in regional Western Sydney, which is an area of development and growth for us, we were keen to get the local council as involved as possible. We were lucky enough to be given financial support from Camden Council in the form of a grant to host the event, this wouldn’t be possible without Caroline and Omar submitting the application.

Being given the opportunity by the ALA to host a National Event just goes to show how much of a presence we have created in Lacrosse in Australia again and how much we are growing as a state. Even from when I joined a little under three years ago I’ve seen the numbers of players and participation rates increase a lot and we can only go up from here.

Hosting and participating in national events puts our state on the map and when people know about you that’s when we start to improve our relationships with councils and other sporting associations which leads to more opportunities from ALA and from local councils. These relationships are critical to us to grow the sport and to showcase just how much we can do.

Now for those of you who have grand plans to organise a national tournament… DON’T… just
kidding, but it’s definitely not easy to organise three different states of people to turn up to the
same venue at the same time and have everything set up for them in time. Something I only
learnt recently and by recently I mean half way through the tournament is that you cannot
possibly do everything yourself and there is this thing called delegation… crazy, right? You can
actually ask other people to do things for you without feeling a sense of guilt or that you aren’t
doing a good enough job. So to the volunteers that helped me stay sane, you are all amazing and deserve all the kudos you can get:

Tim “If you have a questions about box lacrosse ask me” Koodrin
Caroline “The only person who can keep these boys in line” McLuckie
Julie “Can make a mean brownie” Szkudlapski
Tyler “The calmest person I know” Nolf
Jenny “Even calmer than Tyler” Yu
Laura “I took the day off work just for fun” Cooke
Savannah “Just the most adorable person ever” Jane Duncan
Omar “I can’t bring myself to write nice things about him but he’s okay” Al-Khayat
Andrew “Can do an Instagram takeover and tweet good things” Ryan

And the rest of the players who stayed around to pitch in all played their part in the tournament going well.

Now for the fun stuff…the games!

Unfortunately for our wombats they drew the short straw when it came to the fixture (I had
nothing to do with it) and were up first at 8 AM on Friday. Against last years winners in
Victoria they were up for a tough start and whilst the scoreline of 23 – 7 looks like a blowout the game was anything but. Dennis Juleff and Matt Taylor, two of our most experienced players,
both scoring 3 goals each and Shawn Rowan pitching in with 1. With a quick opening ceremony
and break our guys were up again in the second game against South Australia.

Whilst the South Australian team looked undermanned on paper with only 11 players they managed their players on the bench and shot out to a 6 – 0 lead after the first 15 minutes but piled on the penalties in the second quarter which meant the wombats had a few man-up opportunities and took advantage of them again with Matt, Dennis and Shawn scoring in the second quarter. Matt scoring the only goal in the third quarter and Andrew Patterson in his farewell game as a wombat (we miss you Patty) and Jared adding one each in the final quarter and our beloved Wombats wrapped up their tournament with a 6 – 24 result.

With the final game as the day and a preview of the grand final the next day and perhaps with
the South Australian feeling the fatigue of a second game in a row (our guys managed like
champs) the Victorian side won their match-up comprehensively 20 – 8.

Most would think that after a scoreline like that the Grand Final would be following in the same
direction… am I right? Very wrong we all were!

The South Australian team came out to play and play they did. Up 11-5 at half time they kept the Victorian side to just 3 goals in the second half while scoring 5 of their own and without a doubt the player of the match was the South Australian Goalie Dylan Nangle (if for some reason he reads this I’m sorry for constantly saying your surname wrong – totes soz).

- Juliet Austin
Secretary, New South Wales Lacrosse Inc.

Adrian Burns, Steve Green, Brendan Hall

Game 1: VIC 23 def NSW 7
MVP: Dennis Jullef (NSW) & James McKenzie (VIC)

Game 2: NSW 6 def by SA 24
MVP: Jared Neale (NSW) & Cam Semmler (SA)

Game 3: SA 8 def by VIC 20
MVP: Dylan Nangle (SA) & Pius Bonjui (VIC)

Grand Final: VIC 8 def by SA 16
MVP: Jai Arambatzis (VIC) & Dylan Nangle (SA)

2017 Indoor Lacrosse Nationals

The 2017 New South Wales Indoor Lacrosse Squad (minus a few) with game faces on!

The 2017 New South Wales Indoor Lacrosse Squad (minus a few) with game faces on!

New South Wales has honor of hosting the 2017 National Indoor Lacrosse Tournament. The two day tournament will be held at Max Arena in Smeaton Grange, NSW on Friday November 17 and Saturday November 18.

The President of the Australian Lacrosse Association (ALA) Mike Slattery recently welcomed all players, coaches, officials, fans, and support staff by stating that "The ALA is delighted to welcome teams from Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales to compete in this Championship. Sport is an important aspect of the Australian way of life and all participants are making a significant contribution to this great game."

Play kicks off on Friday November 17 with round robin matches all day to determine the first and second seed for the championship game, which will be the showcase game on Saturday November 18 at 9 AM.

Congratulations and good luck to the following men who will represent the Wombats and the state of New South Wales in highly competitive games this weekend:

Adrian White (UNSW)
Alex Michalak (Newcastle)
Andrew Patterson (UNSW)
Andrew Ryan (NSW)
Dave Palacios (NSW)
Dennis Juleff (Newcastle)
Edward Roberts (NSW/Ponsonby)
Ian Girvan (UNSW)
Jack Stokes (NSW)
Jared Neale (Newcastle)
Matt Taylor (Newcastle) (C)
Matt Hopkinson (NSW)
Matthias Kocher (Newcastle)
Michael Wallis (NSW)
Omar Al-Khayat (NSW)
Richard Wheatland (MCC/NSW)
Shawn Rowan (NSW)
Tim Koodrin (UNSW)

Head Coach: Tim Koodrin
Manager: Caroline McLuckie

2017 East Coast Tournament Results

2017 East Coast Tournament Results

Tournament Report

23 – 24 September
EDSACC Oval, NSW – Central Coast Council Sportsfest 2017

This year’s East Coast Cup tournament was held in partnership with the inaugural Central Coast Council SportsFest. As one of many sports represented at SportsFest, we had the opportunity to showcase men’s and women’s lacrosse, played at the highest level in the Eastern States, to a local audience. This festival was targeted as a prelude to launching the grassroots development of Lacrosse in the Newcastle and Central Coast region from 2018. We would like extend our thanks to the Central Coast Council, and especially Karen Lightfoot, for inviting us to participate in SportsFest and for providing the support leading up to the event that led to a very successful and enjoyable weekend for our competitors and supporters.

The development of the East Coast Tournament over the past five years has been hugely encouraging. Originating as a men’s interstate tournament, it has expanded to include a very competitive women’s tournament in the past two years with a strong culture of long term player development taken by both States. This year the more experienced NSW contingent were better prepared for the hot, dry conditions and managed to wear down their opponents to record convincing wins over both days.  The newer members from all teams showed great discipline, determination and heart throughout the weekend, giving us confidence in the future of the sport in our States. Over the coming months, our State Associations will be meeting regularly to identify a long-term vision and a set a strategy that will best serve our members to develop as athletes and prepare them for participation at the highest levels in Australia.

We would like to thank our interstate officials; Tammy Varga, Amy Basile and Alan Frost. Without their contribution, along with locals Adrian Burns, Natasha Meyer, Caroline McLuckie and Peter Lee, this tournament would not have been possible. The East Coast Tournament has enabled the development of our own officials in the Eastern States in recent years and we would like to congratulate Tyler Nolf (NSW) for earning his stripes as an umpire under the mentorship of Tammy and Caroline.   

We acknowledge all of the competitors for the spirit in which they played the sport this weekend; they were a credit to their coaches, managers and States. Thank you to all of the people who supported our participation clinics for local youth and in particular Britt Faulkner and Kelsey Sutcliffe for taking the time to plan the interactive games. We were able to showcase the best aspects of lacrosse to our hosts and spectators placing us in the best position to grow the sport in the region.  The alternate players for NSW women must be credited for their grace and sportsmanship in supporting the Queensland team; ensuring a competitive women’s event.

Finally, we are very grateful for the long hours, many emails and hours of stress endured by Juliet Austin, in organising the tournament and coordinating the participants from both States. Without her efforts, this event truly could not have taken place.  

We all look forward to 2018 and the next stage in developing our sport in the Eastern States!

Omar Al-Khayat
New South Wales Lacrosse Inc.



Tammy Varga, Amy Basile, Caroline McLuckie, Tyler Nolf


Adrian Burns, Alan Frost, Natasha Meyer, Peter Lee



Game 1: NSW 14 def QLD 4

MVP: Emma Agnew (NSW) & Cheryl Hasler (QLD)

Game 2: NSW 10 def QLD 3

MVP: Anastasia Hunt (NSW) & Maile Jones (QLD)



Game 1: NSW 10 def QLD 1

MVP: Omar Al-Khayat (NSW) & Keisuke Sakurada (QLD)

Game 2: NSW 7 def QLD 5

MVP: Tom Little (NSW) and Liam Hackett (QLD)


Bruce Rosewarne East Coast Tournament Trophy

New South Wales (4 – 0)


Upcoming playing opportunities - Winter/Spring 2017

In case you don't follow us on Facebook here's a rundown of upcoming opportunities to watch and/or play.

Modcrosse - SEPTEMBER 2017

Modcrosse is mixed gender, non-contact, social lacrosse with a soft ball. It's super fun and fast-paced!

Saturdays from 10-12 @ UNSW Village Green

Let's pick up those basic stick skills before field and get some quick action lacrosse again.
Location from now on will be at UNSW in Kensington. Lets get the game growing there and get us more teams going.

Follow us on Facebook for the most up-to-date news and info about upcoming matches and playing opportunities.

Field Training - September 2017

Located at 166-180 George St in Redfern, we've decided to mix up the training location and go back to the NCIE for East Cup training.


  • Sunday 3rd September
  • Sunday 10th September
  • Sunday 17th September

Time: 1pm-3pm
Location: Redfern NCIE

Everyone is welcome to come play even if you can't make East Cup. For those coming to East Cup cost will be included in your East Cup fee.

Eastern States (East Coast Cup Tournament) - September 23 & 24

East  Cup for 2017 is being held at the Central Coast Council's Sportsfest 2017 on the weekend of 23/24th of September in Bateau Bay on the Central Coast. This will be an awesome opportunity to show off our skillz and our sport! #growthegame

Once we've recieved your expression of interest we will send you an invoice for an initial deposit of $100, which will be required by the end of the July. Total cost will cover sat night accom, brekkie and training sessions (see next bit)

We will be organising group accommodation nearby but if you have any certain requirements (e.g couple/staying with friends/staying at home) please let us know and we can work towards a solution! 

As per usual you must be a registered, insured and financial player to be involved in this tournament!

If you are interested please send us an email to performance.nswlacrosse@gmail.com

Box Nationals - November 2017

For all the fellas - Box Lacrosse Nationals will be held in New South Wales this year! That's right - no more need to travel to middle of nowhere in South Australia. They are coming to the South West of Sydney on 17th and 18th November.

Expressions of interest requests will be requested end Aug/beginning of September with training venue for October sessions TBC. Time to start getting pumped for some quick action lax.


Wombettes vs D3 Teams Matches Report


On Sunday July 30 the New South Wales Wombettes hosted three matches against current U.S. collegiate players. With the addition of 10 experienced newcomers to the club, it was the first time that many of the team had played together and we were excited for the challenge of playing three back-to-back games with so many new faces. 

We started off the first game strong, with an awesome goal from Melie Pemberton about two minutes into the match. Pemberton was our rock on attack and scored the only three goals for the NSW side, but the 3-15 score wasn't an accurate reflection of the first game's possession. The strong combination of Emma Agnew, Melie Pembeton, and Bec Putna on attack lead to some impressive offensive possession and midfield transitions. Jo Kennedy stepped it up in cage and stopped many of the opposition's attempts on goal.

The second match was always going to be the toughest. The defense team was led by Tess Clancy in goal, with Jess Jones, Jaclyn Lehrer, and Kelly Matarazzi playing strong man-to-man low defense on the field. We managed to hold the competition to only 14 goals, while notching in 7 goals ourselves from 7 different players. A solid result from the strongest team we would face all day.

The last game was the closest by far and we stepped on the field hungry for a win. We managed to equalize the score to 4-4 at halftime. With the sun quickly setting, and our legs tiring, the opposition managed to squeak in just one more goal than the Wombettes, closing out the day's game play with a very near win and a result of 8-9.

We had 8 goal scorers on the day (most of the goals coming from assisted passes) which included some seriously awesome shots from Melie Pemberton, Emma Agnew, Britt Faulkner, Bec Putna, Charlotte Clulow, Risa Sakikubo, Pippa Bergqvist, and Erica Ackerstierna. 

NSW Lacrosse is very proud of the effort and intensity put in by everyone who played. We played with heart and poise for three full games against young teams in peak condition. We are very encouraged by the addition of these new teammates and are excited to bring an even more experienced team to represent New South Wales in the 6th Annual East Coast Cup in September. Hopefully this turnout represents the growth of the game in NSW, and that we can use this momentum to keep recruiting more and more experienced and new players!

Many thanks to Caroline McLuckie for coordinating absolutely everything, and objectively umpiring alongside Juls Austin, and to our coach Omar Al-Khayat for his game knowledge, insights, and enthusiasm!

2017 Annual General Meeting Information

The 2017 AGM will be held on Saturday 26 August at Rum Fire Restaurant, Shop 2151, 122 Lang Road, Moore Park (The Entertainment Quarter) commencing at 5pm.

Nominations are now called for the positions of Directors of the Association for 2017-2018. There are a total of two (2) NSWLI Director positions to be voted on.

If you would like to nominate yourself or someone else, please fill in the Director Nominations form and return to the NSWLI Secretary by email at secretary.nswlacrosse@gmail.com.

This form is required to be completed for each Nominee and lodged by 12:00 (AEST), Wednesday 16 August.

Please send any questions to the NSWLI Secretary by email at secretary.nswlacrosse@gmail.com.


Upcoming matches

Wombettes v. U.S. Division III

The women's team will be hosting a mixed team of U.S. Division III players on Sunday July 30th.

Centennial Park Resevoir Fields
Warm Up 1.00pm
Stick Check 1.20pm
Game 1 Draw 1.30pm
Game 2 Draw 3.00pm
Game 3 Draw 4.30pm

If you haven't signed up to play yet email: performance.nswlacrosse@gmail.com

The more the merrier!

Australian Senior Nationals 2017 - East Coast All Stars Recap


The East Coast All-Stars, made up of players from QLD and NSW, travelled to Adelaide in early June to compete in the 2017 ALA Senior Nationals Tournament. While this was the second Nationals tournament for the women’s team, we were proud to also send a men’s team to compete for the first time. National tournaments are great opportunities for our players to receive high-level game experience and for us to remind the rest of Australia that lacrosse is actually played outside of the three main states!

The games against Western Australia was each team’s first opportunity to play together in a game situation and test team mechanics. In the first minutes of both games. both teams found themselves on their heels, but reacted by coming together to play with heart and intensity.

Friday’s games were against the home state, South Australia, with the men’s team playing a second game against New Zealand later in the day. In a complete turnaround from the previous game, the men’s team was able to score the first goal against South Australia and ended the close first quarter by notching a couple of well-placed goals. We always knew the NZ game would be close.  We were even more eager to step up due to the fact that our president, fitness coach, and "friend" was playing for the opposition. The All-Stars struck quickly, netting the first two goals, and by the end of the last quarter we were 5-all. This meant sudden death over time. Nerve-wracking – YES! Entertaining - Also YES! Sadly, as the skies grew darker and darker, the Kiwis managed to clinch the game winning golden goal in the 2nd overtime.

Pool play was wrapped up on Saturday with each team versing Victoria, the 2016 champions of both the men’s and women’s tournaments. Both teams played with composure and pride, and saw improvements in possession and decision-making under champion level pressure. After the game, the women’s team was given the opportunity to hold a short clinic with the Victorian team (many of whom are also Australian national team players) which allowed our new and old players alike to pick up some tips and tricks. 

Sunday saw both teams versing Western Australia in the #3 vs. #4 championship games. We all played to the best of our ability and left it all out on the field.

The finals scores of the games do not reflect the true value of the tournament to our teams – they don’t capture the vast improvements we made, the experience we gained, the fun we had off the field, and the friends we made. We envy the other states with their 8-10 clubs and multiple levels of teams at each club – this guarantees their players high-level competition every single weekend. The greatest thing we can take home from this tournament is the drive to return to our home states and grow our numbers locally. It won’t happen overnight and it’s going to take a lot of work, but eventually we can get there. #growthegame

We did each other proud during that week and left with our heads held high and memories to last a lifetime!

In the meantime, we’ll look forward to playing against our Queensland teammates in the annual East Coast Tournament, only to come together again in 2018 for another Nationals Tournament!

Danielle (#3) and Caroline (#4)
Team Managers/Sub-gate tyrants

Everything You Need To Know: Nationals

What: Annual Senior Lacrosse Tournament
When: Wednesday 7 June - Sunday 11 June
Where: East Torrens Payneham Lacrosse Club 20 Turner Street, Felixstow SA 5070

1. Insurance

You must be covered by the ALA’s Player Insurance in order to participate in any training sessions for the Nationals tournament.

  • For NSW players, your insurance is included in your annual membership fee ($85). Membership fee can be paid on the website here.
  • For QLD players, in most cases your insurance is included in your club’s fees. If you play for UQLC, please transfer $35 to the QLA using your last name and first initial as a reference. Email Danielle for bank details.

2. ASADA Level 1 Anti-doping Course

This is a mandatory online course comprised of six modules and an assessment.  The course will take you approximately 70 minutes to complete. A certificate is issued upon completion of the final assessment – please send a copy of your certificate to performance.nswlacrosse@gmail.com.

Your ASADA Level 1 certificate does not have an expiry date - if you completed the course last year, please just resend your certificate.

3. Training

There are multiple opportunities for fitness and training.

A. Weekly training on Sundays

When: Sundays 1 PM - 3 PM
2nd April until 4th June
Where: Resevoir Fields (Centennial Park)

B. Fitness Training

When: Tuesdays 6-7pm
Where: Prince Alfred Park (Chalmers St, NR Central Station). 

4. Nationals Tournament Fee & Payment Plan

The total fee to participate in the Nationals Tournament as part of the East Coast All-Stars team is $550. All players are required to purchase their own flights to and from Adelaide (see schedule below to choose the most appropriate times).

This fee is broken down into the following payment milestones:
$100 - due 28 February - PAID
$225 - due 30 April
$225 - due 31 May

This fee includes:

  • Accommodation at YHA Adelaide (135 Waymouth St)
  • Continental breakfast each morning
  • Transportation
  • East Coast All-Stars uniform (to keep)
  • Tournament entry fees and dinner
  • Training weekend

Please make all payments to NSW Lacrosse.

5. Nationals Schedule

We don't have the full game schedule from the ALA yet, but both teams will play a total of 5 games over the 4 day tournament. We will update the below when we receive more information.

Wednesday, 7 June
1:00pm - Training session for men's and women's teams, location TBC
7:00ish - Team dinner, location TBC

Thursday, 8 June
TBA - Men's Game(s)
TBA - Women's Game(s)

Friday, 9 June
TBA - Men's Game(s)
TBA - Women's Game(s)

Saturday, 10 June
TBA - Men's Game(s)
TBA - Women's Game(s)
Evening - Team Dinner, location TBC

Sunday, 11 June
TBA - Men's Game(s)
TBA - Women's Game(s)
Evening - ALA National's Tournament Dinner, location TBC

**Keep in mind that Monday, 12 June is a public holiday in NSW**

6. Team Captains Announced

Congratulations to the following players who have been selected as captains for the 2017 East Coast All-Stars teams!

Alile Eldridge and Natasha Meyer

Jean Bronkhorst, Garry Isakiewicz, and Michael Wallis

Field lax is back!

Where: Centennial Park Reservoir Fields
When: Sunday 2nd of April until Sunday the 4th of June
Time: 10am - 12
Cost: $90 for the 9 weeks (only $10 a week) or $70 for students. 
Everyone welcome but as usual you MUST be registered with NSW Lacrosse to play.

See you there!

Any questions? Email Jules:

UNSW Lacrosse Off to a Great Start!

NSW Lacrosse is very proud to announce the first ever lacrosse initiative between University of New South Wales and New South Wales Lacrosse. NSW Lacrosse members and UNSW students alike are invited to play, coach, and help out at the two lacrosse sessions per week at the UNSW Village Green. Every Monday is a free Learn-to-play training session from 5-7 and every Thursday is a Social Modcrosse league 4-6 until June 5th 2017. 

If you are interested in joining the Modcrosse social sport league (commences March 23rd, Thursdays 4-6pm), you still have to sign up via Arc Sport, price will be $50 - still a bargain for 10 weeks of Modcrosse on an awesome oval (UNSW Village Green) right next to a student's pub with competitive prices for beverages after the games.

The sign up form asks you for student details, like student ID and which faculty you are in. Just put in "nswlacrosse" or select anything you want.

For more information please refer to the UNSW Social Sport Webpage.

See you there!

5th Annual Eastern States Tournament Results

The Eastern States Tournament has grown in size and quality year on year and the 2016 event was no different. The highlight of the weekend was the impressive debut of the Queensland Women’s team, with a healthy mix of experienced and novice athletes there is a strong future for women’s lacrosse on the coast. 

Results from day one were in the Wombat’s favour. The men started their game strongly under the midday sun and fought to a healthy 6 goal lead by halftime (8-2). Coach Rosewarne must have shared a very inspirational half time talk as the Pumas were fired up in the second half, shutting the boys in blue out and pulling the deficit back to one goal. Fortunately for the Wombats, the last play by the Pumas was rebuffed and the dreaded overtime avoided. Final score 8-7 to the Wombats. MVP: Wes Proctor for his impressive (and vocal) efforts in the cage. MVP (QLD): Jean Bronkhorst.

The Women’s game started at 2.30pm as the sun was setting (give daylight saving a go QLD) and saw the teams evenly matched in the first half. The depth and experience of the NSW squad in the second half, with a hat trick by centre Annabel Williams (MVP) inspiring the charge to the Wombat’s final score of 8-4. MVP (QLD): Natasha Meyer.

A great social evening was organised by QLD lacrosse in the party town of Mooloolaba. Attended by both squads as well as the contingent of referees and umpires, the event continued well into the night and showed off the great camaraderie between the two States. 

Day two saw a mixed bag of results for the Wombats. The women, who’d found their form in the second half of game one, dominated this game from start to finish. Playing with spirit in defence and structure in offence (with a proud Coach Keet aka Britt Faulkner), the Wombats never looked like they were behind in this match up especially with the dominant performance of Rebecca Barry (MVP) from the centre draw ensuring the ladies saw plenty of ball possession. Final result: 10-4. MVP (QLD): Philippa Tyler

The men’s game was a much closer and fiercely contested affair. With neither team unable to secure clean possession of the ball off the faceoff, the midfield units with star LSM Michael Iverach (MVP), were working overtime cleaning up loose balls and putting bodies on the line to secure possession. The Pumas continued to play the structured offensive game that they found in game one, while the Wombats offense was hugely dependant on pieces of individual brilliance leading to a tied half time score of 5-5. The second half saw the Pumas continue to maintain ball possession in the right side of the field, with LSM James Tsilionis MVP (QLD) taking control of the offensive sets and converting two of his own. The Wombats continued to battle it out to the final whistle, but unable to clinch the win, going down 9-6. 

On aggregate scores, the NSW Wombats have defended the B.R. Rosewarne Perpetual trophy for another year. The close score lines reflect the passion and intensity of all the players involved and the commitment of both States to developing Lacrosse and providing opportunities for their players to compete at a high level. 

QLD lacrosse and Bruce Rosewarne and your support committee, you have outdone yourselves and put on a fantastic weekend of lacrosse. The referees, Steve and Jono, and umpires Tammy, Kari and Jan, you all did a great job and we very much appreciate your contribution to the game.  Thank you to Jan Jackson and the ALA for their support of this annual tournament. A special shout out to our committee members who helped make the magic happen: Juliet Austin, Caroline McLuckie, Jonas Hllr, Zoë Wheeler, Lina Teichmann, and Kate (Bob) Saunders we are much indebted to your awesomeness.

Congratulations to all the players, coaches and managers, we look forward to hosting you down in NSW next year!

Omar Al-Khayat
President, New South Wales Lacrosse

Halloween Modcrosse - Stick or Treat


Saturday October 29 saw the return of the annual NSW Lacrosse Halloween Modcrosse Extravaganza! Just a sample from excellent costume submissions included Where's WaldoEleven from Stranger Things, a pair of bobbled and sparkling Christmas trees, a Cowboy (who might have underestimated the heat) and the audience favorite, squeaky Lorikeets. The play of the day was only enhanced by the awesomeness of the costumes. Both teams look forward to taking this tournie turf practice back to the field for our last practice before the Eastern States Tournament next weekend!

Field Training is Here

Wednesday Nights 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Lyne Park Oval - Lyne Park, New South Head Road, Rose Bay NSW 2029

Saturday Mornings 10:00 a.m. - 12 p.m.
Macquarie University Sports Fields - Culloden Road, Macquarie Park NSW 2113

SUBS COST: Please make sure you have paid for the block - $60 adults/$50 Students ($18adults/$15students pay as you go).

Email Treasurer for reminder of bank details at treasurer.nswlacrosse@gmail.com.

Open to all skill levels! The more the merrier!